To explain who we are and what we do, it’s useful to understand why we are called Pier 80.

A pier with no water
Most commonly thought of as a ‘support structure’, our Pier provides the foundation of the service offered to our clients. The word ‘pier’ can create various images and thoughts for people; from a Victorian amusement pier, to an old jetty into a lake, or a large industrial pier – and from a design and marketing perspective it is essential to understand how one thing can be interpreted so differently.

Our pier was born from two different seaside towns with is formation of ‘peers’ from the last 13 years working in the design, digital and marketing world. The structure provides an outlet for a team of professional designers, developers, and consultants to do what they do best.

Why ‘80’?
If the pier represents the support, the 80 is the delivery. The reference begins with a personal interest in astronomy, in particular the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury. The planet was named after the Messenger of the Roman Gods, also known as the Roman God of Communication, a reference not only to the core of the service we provide but also to the Roman influence the company has had over the years. As a chemical element, Mercury has a symbol Hg and, more importantly, an atomic number 80. So 80 became the chosen number to represent the element of our service.

What do we do?